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Mohegan Sun Casino App Review: Welcome Bonus And More

An incredibly popular casino, Mohegan Sun has brought the fun of their casinos to mobile devices. In this Mohegan Sun casino app review, find out everything you need to know about the Mohegan Sun casino mobile app, including the welcome bonus for new players, what features the app has, and how compatible the app is with different types of devices.

Mohegan Sun app reviewOur rating
Compatibility/system requirements4/5
Welcome bonus5/5
App features4/5
Overall rating

How To Get The Mohegan Sun Mobile App

Before getting to the meat and potatoes of the Mohegan Sun casino app review, you will want to know how to download the Mohegan Sun casino mobile app. This is straightforward, but knowing how to do it before you attempt to do so can be a time saver.

To download the Mohegan Sun casino app, simply go to your mobile device’s app marketplace. For Apple devices, this means the App Store. For Android devices, the Google Play store is where you will want to go. From there, search the Mohegan Sun casino app and download the app to your device. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign into or create an account and enjoy all of the features of the app.

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Mohegan Sun Casino App Compatibility/System Requirements

Our Mohegan Sun casino app review is impressed with the fact that the app is compatible with a number of different operating systems. The app is available on Apple devices through the App Store and on Android devices through Google Play. With iOS and Android making up the majority of the mobile operating systems that players use, this is good enough to satisfy the requirements of most players.

It should be pointed out that the app is in the neighborhood of 28MB and requires iOS 8 or better for Apple devices. In the grand scheme of things, that is not too demanding as far as system requirements go, given that iOS updates are into the double digits at this point. Of course, you will want to verify that your device will be compatible before you start playing, but this should get the job done for most Android and Apple device players.

Mohegan Sun Casino App Welcome Bonus

One of the highlights of our Mohegan Sun casino app review has to be the app’s welcome bonus. It is good for players who prefer different stake levels thanks to its versatility and the fact that it relies on a percentage of a player’s first deposit rather than offering players the opportunity to make a specific amount regardless of what they deposit.

More specifically, the Mohegan Sun casino mobile app grants players a 100% bonus on their first deposit with the app, good for up to $1,000. That is a great bonus for players who want to deposit $1,000, but can also double the initial deposit for players who want to deposit a smaller amount. Flexibility is one of the biggest keys to a good welcome bonus, and Mohegan Sun seems to understand that, as evidenced by their offering here.

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Mohegan Sun Casino App Features

There are plenty of features to enjoy, earning more high marks in our Mohegan Sun casino app review. The app boasts over 150 slots games to be enjoyed on mobile devices or tablets, with the ability to play blackjack on the go also as a major benefit to using this app. Video poker is also available on the Mohegan Sun casino app, giving players a nice selection of games to choose from for when they want to freshen things up a bit.

As far as the app itself, it is easy to navigate and does not take away from the experience of the actual games themselves. It’s easy to get to one section of the site over another, and is surprisingly easy to navigate in terms of choosing one of the many slots games on the app as well. One would think that it could be tough to find your favorite game given how many there are, but that is not the case.


How Can I Bet Using The App?

Placing a bet with the Mohegan Sun casino app is easy. Once you open the app, all you have to do is select a game. From there, you will be prompted to enter your desired wager into the app before your first spin or hand. How exactly to enter your wager can vary slightly from game to game, but the premise is largely the same no matter what you are playing. Betting with the Mohegan Sun app is so easy that the hardest part is probably picking which game you want to play.

How Can I Manage Payments Using The App?

Taking care of your finances within the Mohegan Sun app is easy. To make a deposit, all you have to do is go to the cashier section of the site and choose the deposit option. Meanwhile, to make a withdrawal, you will go to the cashier section of the app and make that choice instead. There are multiple options for players in terms of what method they will use to make their deposits and withdrawals, making things even more convenient.

Is There A Mobile Specific Bonus Available?

Yes, the 100% welcome bonus that is good for up to $1,000 is exclusive to mobile players, as physical casino goers are unable to take advantage of the same bonus. And in addition to being mobile-specific, the bonus is also one of the better bonuses you will see in the online casino industry as a whole.

Overall Rating

Our Mohegan Sun casino app review enjoys the fact that the app has a sizeable welcome bonus for new players to increase their bankrolls, along with a large selection of games to choose from. The app is easy to navigate and is a great choice for players looking to take their casino action with them wherever they go.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Great welcome bonusCould use a live casino
Lots of games to choose from
Compatible with most devices

And don’t forget to take advantage of a Mohegan Sun welcome bonus, good for 100% up to $1,000 when using the Mohegan Sun casino app.